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Here is a quick summary of life lately...according to my iphone...

peachy glitter   polka dot

outfit of the day   outfit details

me   smiles

in n out   food.

my ring <3   abel <3

love.   jordans

shoot   smiles.

king taco   mexican food

cheesecake factory   roscoes

birthday tart   nail polish & figurines <3

art   art

fashion   fashion

1-2: peachy glitter nails & tangy polka dot nails <3
3-4: outfit details for a day of shopping
5-6: all smiles because I am a happy girl these days <3
7: In n Out always makes me happy
8: Top's Burger meal. If you don't know, now you know!!!
9: I am completely obsessed with this Sally & Jack ring from Teddy <3
10: Lunch date with my not so little, little brother
11: Birthday kissies <3
12: Wearing my Jordan 3's...because I'm cool like that
13: Photoshoot outside our casita :)
14: Smile.
15: King Taco reflection in Old Town Pasadena
16: Mom's Mexican dinners are the best...drool.
17: Cheesecake Factory -  Lemon Herb Chicken
18: Roscoes Chicken & Waffles date with Teddy
19: Birthday tart
20: Something about my nail polishes next to his childhood figurines just melts my heart every time...
21-22: Getting my nerd on...Oh how I love art school <3
23 - 24: Some of my fave outfits for the spring..."free people"
25: Whats in my make-up bag??? :)


p.s. i totally just realized I eat way too much for my own good...eeeekkkk.
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Hot & Cold





The past couple days have been so crazy here in California. A week ago today we had a record breaking 114 degree day...yikes, super hottt!!! The rest of the week was in the high 90's and then today......RAIN!!!! Crazy.

With such hot weather, I have been living in my denim cut-offs, flowy tops and gladiators as you can see above. Today was the first day of rain for us and I couldn't be happier. I get to finally wear my cozy ponchos, tights, boots, and trench coats!!!

What have you all been wearing? :)

where the wild things are.

the weather in L.A. has been as crazy as the people who live in it! we had two day of rain and gloom (which i was super psyched about!), and then right back to super unbearable heat...and by heat I mean 100 degree heat! yikes!

but enough with the whinning. despite the crazy i managed to have a GREAT weekend! friday i went to the americana to watch "where the wild things are", and i must say it was a great movie - took me back to first grade when "where the wild things are" and "there's a monster under my bed" were my favorite books to read and re-read. *sigh* the movie made me feel like a kid again and even got me teary eyed a couple times...

saturday, i hit downtown fabric district! this year we decided we would get creative and make our own costumes! we found our fabric, embellishments, accessories, and all...i won't give away our costumes though, you will have to stay tuned to find out! hehe! 

we had a GRREEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTT weekend and i cannot wait for next weekend!

outfit 1:
orange silk shirt: f21
black leather/cotton skirt: h&m
black biker boots: f21
black/silver bangles: f21
necklace: f21
ring: diy
white sunnies: h&m

outfit 2:
white tank: f21
blue suede jacket: h&m
black leather/cotton skirt: h&m
black biker boots: f21
necklace: f21
ring: diy
white sunnies: h&m