When you are no longer afraid is when you can be yourself.

The last week been all about self-reflection.

Why am I here? Is this where I'm supposed to be? If so, what is my purpose?

So many questions.

Looking through my blog, I can't help but miss all the creative things I used to be involved in and in love with. Creativity is my happy place. I realize now that I have been on "planner" mode for a while now. Everything has to be planned and I analyze even the most miniscule little detail in everything. While I don't think planning is a bad thing, I realize that my spontaneity is what drove my creativity. I am often too busy planning what I will do the next day, the next week, next year even...

...Life is what happens when you are too busy making plans.

I miss creating mood boards. I miss taking pictures of the things that inspire me. I miss being part of fun projects. I miss even just driving to the local craft store and creating cute little things. I miss allowing my mind to run wild...

I miss being ME.