TGIF, short shorts, and everything in between.

who wears short shorts? WE wear short shorts!!!

i cannot wait for my long anticipated quality DIY time this weekend! cut-off shorts are definitely a priority since we are in L.A. and the heat is in full effect!


pc: papertissue


i really NEED this jacket. *sigh*


ok so today i got to work and my co-worker little miss. michelle complimented my tights. she is now threatening to jump me in the parking lot in an effort to remove the tights from my body and drive off with them. scary stuff right?!?!?!

i will be posting outfit pictures as soon as i get my new camera...which should be very very soon!


seeing stripes... today (like pretty much every day) i was doing my daily website skimming (yes ladies and gentlemen, i admit i have a shopping problem! smh.), but anyway, when i came to the urban outfitters website i saw they had the "seein' stripes" section! i knew it! it wasn't just me, stripes really ARE a must have this summer!!!! the best part?!?!? they have a look for every taste!!!!

with that said my dear lovers, enjoy my top picks from UO's awesome selection!!!

your thoughts?!??!!


...a picture can speak a million words...
pc: weheartit, papertissue

flower affair.

my oh my, i am really LOVING these floral dresses. i think i am officially addicted to motel and i am not even trying to fight it! these dresses are cute and girly but can be worn to look sexy and edgy as well - so versatile. i can't wait to get my hands on them and throw them on with my shiny peep toe booties and a denim jacket!!!!

motel rocks.

ahhhhh...nothing like treatin' yourself to an adorable dress on a beautiful friday after a long week of work!!!
i just treated my self to this super cute dress by motel rocks!!!




happy friday loveliessss! hope you guys have a great weekend!
OMG this week flew right by and i LOVE it!!!! now it's time to get our red party nails out and party like it's 1999!!!
woot woot! <3.

Mr. BlueRose!!!

check him out!!! He is the on fire with his new joint "Drunk Text" Feat. Joanlee, Produced by BamBeeno.



OMG OMG OMG. so i came to post on my blog and i noticed everything was gone. I am working on recovering everything guys so hang in there. I will be fully up and running asap....

let's look at it on the bright side...i re-did my layout! =]



it's friday! woot woot! so the goal this weekend is to hit the beach. i really need to get me a new bike so i can start the summer fun!!!

drop.dead.gorgeous. a while back i told you guys about an amazing upcoming band called DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS....well, it's amazing how fast time flies and how in the blink of an eye these guys have come a loooooooooooooooongggg way! their new album "HOT N HEAVY" is out now so you MUST go out and pick one up asap!!!!!!!! Their new video for "two birds one stone" is on MTV now as well but you must go vote for it so it can be in regular rotation!!!! you can vote here!!!! do it nowwww!!!!!!!!!! woot woot!!!!

have an amazing weekend!!!!!!!!!!


late bloomer. this summer has definitely played hard to get here in cali but it's finally here...sunny days have arrived and it's safe to say beach days are in full effect. summer outfits are in full effect! the outfits above are my summer crushes!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! and for those prices?!??!? wow! big ups to f21!!!!!!!!!

pure beauty.

happy hump day to you all! hope you all are having an amazing week!