and the winner is............

cowboy bill - 1st place!

chiquita banana - 2nd place!!!
jason and "it" girl - 3rd place!
hi loviesssss! so halloween is tomorrow and we need to all get pumped. today at work we had our annual halloween potluck and costume parade/contest....and guess who won first place for an awesome $350 prize?!?!?!? meeeeeeeee!!!! yes me! OMG i couldn't believe it! this year we were being judged on being original and creative so i put on my thinking hat and decided to ditch my typical disney princess and go for a midget cowboy! lol. as you can see it was well worth it. but not to worry peeps, tonight i will be a genie! i wanted to be princess jazmin from aladdin but ended up buying the material and making it last minute so i got purple material instead. i will be posting those pictures tomorrow for you to check out!

at work everyone got creative. there were soooo sooo many cool costumes that i honestly thought i didn't stand a chance. my fweeennndddd bekah was khloe kardashian (ms. odom!) i thought she did an amazing job. unfortunately she didn't win but i think she should've. in second place came my other co-worker and name twin nancy! she was a dancer or something like that as you can see above. in third came dora and valerie as jason and some other murderer from the movie "it". all in all everyone did a great job and we had so much the end "cowboy bill" came in victorious and he cannot wait to go shopping this weekend!!!

what are you guys all doing for halloween?


so i was surfing through my fellow bloggers pages and remembered that my girl valencia from roll up your sleeve is co-hosting a giveaway with vanessa from van y sus cositas!!!! van y sus cositas makes the most precious jewelry items that are to die for. you guys can enter here!!!

here are some previews of her stuff!!!
good luck! xoxo!

where the wild things are.

the weather in L.A. has been as crazy as the people who live in it! we had two day of rain and gloom (which i was super psyched about!), and then right back to super unbearable heat...and by heat I mean 100 degree heat! yikes!

but enough with the whinning. despite the crazy i managed to have a GREAT weekend! friday i went to the americana to watch "where the wild things are", and i must say it was a great movie - took me back to first grade when "where the wild things are" and "there's a monster under my bed" were my favorite books to read and re-read. *sigh* the movie made me feel like a kid again and even got me teary eyed a couple times...

saturday, i hit downtown fabric district! this year we decided we would get creative and make our own costumes! we found our fabric, embellishments, accessories, and all...i won't give away our costumes though, you will have to stay tuned to find out! hehe! 

we had a GRREEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTT weekend and i cannot wait for next weekend!

outfit 1:
orange silk shirt: f21
black leather/cotton skirt: h&m
black biker boots: f21
black/silver bangles: f21
necklace: f21
ring: diy
white sunnies: h&m

outfit 2:
white tank: f21
blue suede jacket: h&m
black leather/cotton skirt: h&m
black biker boots: f21
necklace: f21
ring: diy
white sunnies: h&m

sniffle, sniffle. snap, snap.

we meet again. i feel like i always open up my posts with an apology for my absence...i NEED to do something about that asap.

anyway, without getting to personal, i think it's fair that i tell you why i've been pretty much m.i.a. for the past week. one word: sniffles. i have been feeling really under the weather for pretty much the past week. over the weekend, what started as the sniffles turned into a full blown fever and achy know, the kind where every movement you make means bones fact i stood home sick yesterday trying to re-gain some energy. no work. no nothing. wahhh.

on a brighter note, the bf and i went out for a lovely walk in downtown this sunday. the weather was amazinnnggggggg! crisp cool winds are soooo nice especially after the crazy heat waves we californians have been tortured with...blah. anyway, bf started snapping away in what turned out to be a fun photoshoot of yours truly. what can i say, he is learning from the best. next, i will teach him to develop film in the dark room. sooo relaxing. i LOVE it. =)
p.s. all images are unedited. edited version later. for full photoshoot see my facebook FRIENDS ONLY!!! bahaha.

tank: f21
plaid shirt: uo
denim cut-offs: old hollister jeans
boots: steve madden
sunnies: h&m
camera: vintage