the extent to which Michael Jackson's death has affected our world is impressing and very very understandable. last night around 9pm, all lights went out by my house (in L.A.) and it was all to distract people from waiting to see MJ's body being carried away from the coroners building (about a mile away from my house!) that says a lot about the well deserved attention the king of pop is getting...
i was surfing the net today and found this beautiful tribute to the king of pop that was done by a group of Phillipino inmates and was just speechless....WOW!!! apparently this isn't the first time...they had done something similar back in 2007...props to these guys....what an amazing job!!!!

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a knot in my throat...R.I.P. Michael Jackson...


...not much can be said during moments like heart, like the heart of others, is sad. the king of pop is gone in body but will live FOREVER in spirit through his music! he is truly the soundtrack to many lives including mine...i love you Michael! 



happy monday!

the highlight for this weekend was yesterday when i took my little brother to meet some of his favorite pro skaters: p.rod, theodis beasley, and other plan b skaters!!! the event took place at the ritchie valens recreation center in pacoima and my little brother was sooo amazed and had the time of his life! i had fun meeting the guys too!!!! they were awesome and super down to earth!!! Nike SB team was there with lots of giveaways too for the kids!!!!!
seeing these guys skate live reminds me of how talented they really are! and the fact that they give back to the communities that need it the most makes me appreciate them even more! even p. rods dad was there to support, and of course my mom and i were there to take a picture with him! we love paul rodriguez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a perfect way to finish off the weekend...with the fam bam!


LAKERS! i work literally like down the street from the staple center and my co-workers and I walked to the LAKER parade and i was lucky enough to see Kobe ♥ from really close!!! I must say, i felt a little silly when i realized my legs were shaky! lol...i am in LOVE with the Lakers and this was an amazing experience! (p.s. notice the puppet hand on kobe's shirt! it has the 4 rings!!! that is soooo amazingggg!) I LOVE LA!!!!

we love L.A., WE LOVE IT!!!!!!

happy monday...

hope all you loverssss have an amazing week!!!


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purple & gold.

there are many reasons to be happy today for us L.A. peeps!!! the LAKERS won it all! that calls for a major woot woot! tuh! AND...the weather is looking a little bit better (just a little bit...)
but anyway, yes!!!!!!!!!!! we did it! the Lakers are the 2009 champions! this is a great accomplishment for kobe and his team! congrats to them all and to Laker fans everywhere! cheers! i love you black mamba!


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love. many of us have it?
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it is friday...

...and the weather in L.A? Shitty still. ugh! i mean, are you kidding me? i am sooooo ready to start my summer-fun!!! anyway, this whole week has been soooo looooongg! i think it's just the weather, but still...blahhhh! can't we get some sun pleaseee?!?!? i NEED some sun in my life!!!
so i was looking through the f21 website and here are a few random finds that i thought were cute!

what do you all think?
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it is monday...

...and it is as gloomy as it gets in L.A.!!! this is supposed to be summertime and i am NOT pleased...someone please send these clouds the memo!!! ugh.