Life these days...(25 weeks)

25 week bump 
 25 week bump.Hair. Indy.Indy. Foodie.Foodie. Foodie.Foodie.

The past week has consisted of growing this lovely bump of mine. That's right. I am now 25 weeks!!!! Which means only 15 to go...time is sure flying by. More hair growing...230472340 snuggle sessions with little mister Indy ( i love that guy)...and eating like there is no tomorrow (i must admit, i am a fatty at heart).

So there you have it, our days have been pretty darn lovely over here...we are now in the process of planning a baby shower (well not me, Teddy's mom and sister Jackie are) - they are just the sweetest ever!!! I cannot wait to share pictures of that day with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

6 months.

Bump @ 6 months :)
there you have it folks. here i am at 6 months. all bump as of now, and i am a happy girl.

happy friday.

A little Q+A...

Hi guys! After looking at Nardia's blog. I got inspired to do a little Q&A with you all. If you guys haven't yet, please head over to her blog. She is another mommy-to-be and you will love keeping up with her journey.

So here we go...

How Far Along: today we are officially 6 months (24 weeks)! we are pretty excited over here!!!
Size of the baby: a little over a pound and around 13.5 inches according to
Total Weight Gain: do we really need to go there? ok, ok. I am weighing 144 lbs. This means I've gained around 16 lbs total. yikes!!!
Movement: Danny and I both think our little mini bear is going to be either a soccer player or a kickboxer. His kicks are all types of crazy strong. He has his quiet days but when he kicks, he kicks!!! But I love it so much when he does. *sigh*
Sleep: crazy. I can no longer sleep a whole night straight. Between tossing and turning and the zombie trips to pee land, I am exhausted every morning these days.
Symptoms: have been dealing with some heartburn these past weeks. It's a bit better now thank God. I hope it stays that way.
Stretch Marks: none...yet. My tummy is starting to get a terrible itch now but I try to stay moisturized with my butter cream and not scratch.
Gender: It’s a boy! We are beyond excited for our little guy.
Maternity Clothes: Just bought 2 pairs of shorts because the heat  here in California is too much these days and I need something stretchy and comfy. Other than that, I've been living in maxi dresses and loose tees. :)
Cravings: ice cream!!! who knew! I've never been one to crave sweets or anything like that but these days, I swear by it. That and chili cheese fries. Johnny Rockets, you have my heart.
Belly button in or out: it's still in. But slowly it's stretching out and trying to pop out. For some odd reason, that super creeps me out :(
Baby Shower: we just started planning it. We have set the date for November 10 so it's  not too close to the holidays. I am super excited and so is Danny. We already picked a theme but will be keeping it a secret so it's a surprise to all our guests. Let's just say it will be different and super cute. Nothing cheesy or gender specific. 

Happy Thursday to you all!!



6 months!!!
feeling pretty huge @ 6 months (eeeeeekkk!)

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the last couple of weeks have consisted of many randoms. we have been shopping more for baby (it's our new addiction over here), fulfilling crazy cravings, reminiscing on old times, and fighting a killer heartburn that landed me in the E.R. last week (not fun!!!)

but we really can't complain. life is good. our baby is growing oh so fast and by the looks feel of it, he will be a handful. i mean, his kicks and punches are non-stop. but i love it. i really really do. 
it is our way of bonding and his way of letting mommy know that all is good in that little dwelling of his.
i seriously cannot wait until January. i want him here now. his little feetsies. leggies. babyrolls.gaaahhhh. just everything!!!

Happy Wedsnesday.