A little Q+A...

Hi guys! After looking at Nardia's blog. I got inspired to do a little Q&A with you all. If you guys haven't yet, please head over to her blog. She is another mommy-to-be and you will love keeping up with her journey.

So here we go...

How Far Along: today we are officially 6 months (24 weeks)! we are pretty excited over here!!!
Size of the baby: a little over a pound and around 13.5 inches according to babycenter.com
Total Weight Gain: do we really need to go there? ok, ok. I am weighing 144 lbs. This means I've gained around 16 lbs total. yikes!!!
Movement: Danny and I both think our little mini bear is going to be either a soccer player or a kickboxer. His kicks are all types of crazy strong. He has his quiet days but when he kicks, he kicks!!! But I love it so much when he does. *sigh*
Sleep: crazy. I can no longer sleep a whole night straight. Between tossing and turning and the zombie trips to pee land, I am exhausted every morning these days.
Symptoms: have been dealing with some heartburn these past weeks. It's a bit better now thank God. I hope it stays that way.
Stretch Marks: none...yet. My tummy is starting to get a terrible itch now but I try to stay moisturized with my butter cream and not scratch.
Gender: It’s a boy! We are beyond excited for our little guy.
Maternity Clothes: Just bought 2 pairs of shorts because the heat  here in California is too much these days and I need something stretchy and comfy. Other than that, I've been living in maxi dresses and loose tees. :)
Cravings: ice cream!!! who knew! I've never been one to crave sweets or anything like that but these days, I swear by it. That and chili cheese fries. Johnny Rockets, you have my heart.
Belly button in or out: it's still in. But slowly it's stretching out and trying to pop out. For some odd reason, that super creeps me out :(
Baby Shower: we just started planning it. We have set the date for November 10 so it's  not too close to the holidays. I am super excited and so is Danny. We already picked a theme but will be keeping it a secret so it's a surprise to all our guests. Let's just say it will be different and super cute. Nothing cheesy or gender specific. 

Happy Thursday to you all!!


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