6 months!!!
feeling pretty huge @ 6 months (eeeeeekkk!)

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the last couple of weeks have consisted of many randoms. we have been shopping more for baby (it's our new addiction over here), fulfilling crazy cravings, reminiscing on old times, and fighting a killer heartburn that landed me in the E.R. last week (not fun!!!)

but we really can't complain. life is good. our baby is growing oh so fast and by the looks feel of it, he will be a handful. i mean, his kicks and punches are non-stop. but i love it. i really really do. 
it is our way of bonding and his way of letting mommy know that all is good in that little dwelling of his.
i seriously cannot wait until January. i want him here now. his little feetsies. leggies. babyrolls.gaaahhhh. just everything!!!

Happy Wedsnesday.

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