Party planning...

for the last couple weeks i've been struggling to make a final decision on what brandon's first birthday party will look like. i had always pictured it to be a super cute, and original chic theme...something like a vintage airplane, or a woodsy animal theme, like a little baby fox theme. however, my little bran bran loves is obsessed with mickey mouse clubhouse (see below). after talking it over with danny, we've decided that no matter how cute we visualize any other theme, this is ultimately all about brandon. it's his first bday. kind of a big deal. ultimately all we want is for our little guy to have the time of his life and look back on this day as something that he loved. yes, he may be a little too small to remember but you know we will be taking tons of pictures. so there you have it. we will be putting on our ears and having some cheers!

now on to plan...

moments like these...

moments like these remind me of just how lucky I really am. these two have my heart.

happy toohz!

Current happenings...

a few days ago, danny and i took little mister b to the park a few blocks away from our house. it is a very small park but a super cute space for little ones to come and play. this was b's first time there and he LOVED it!  

 oh that little heart melts for it :)
 ...and that smile....oh my.

 little mister b may not drink his bottles but he sure loves to hold them lol, such a silly little guy...
what have you all been up to?

7 months.

this little guy turned 7 months last week. can we stop time really quick? no? ok :(

weight: 18lbs 12 oz (about 2 weeks ago)
height: not sure
-eats solids. has had carrot, sweet potato, squash, potato, chicken, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, mango.

At 7 months he:
-wears clothes from 12-18 depending on the brand. for the most part he's on18 month size though.
-sleeps at around 8pm and wakes up once to eat in the middle of the night. then again at around 6:30 or 7.
-loves to play peek-a-boo
-grabs everything
-loves the iphones (ooops!)
-still LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse 

this little guy keeps getting cuter every

a day at the zoo...

Getting ready  photo 3.jpg
getting ready with mommy
 photo 9273e5de-1abf-44f7-97eb-3c64d12711fa.jpg
Our little family = love. photo 9.jpg
 photo 11.jpg
Just arrived at the zoo photo 2.jpg
With nino Chuy photo 6.jpg
Our little family  photo 5.jpg
Daddy time photo 4.jpg
Alligator watching photo 1.jpg
Grandma time photo 7.jpg
My mom and her huge lizard photo 12.jpg
Lizards!!! photo 13.jpg
Smiling at grandma photo 15.jpg
 photo 16.jpg
 photo 17.jpg
 photo 19.jpg

happy monday all! i hope you all had an amazing weekend - we did! brandon had the time of his life as we took him on his first zoo visit yesterday. it was tons of fun times with my our family. brandon was ecstatic to have grandma a, uncle chuy (godfather), uncle abel and his gf genesis join us. sure, he had a few fuss episodes here and there when it got too crowded at certain exhibits but other than that, he was a happy camper. but our little guy is only 7 moths so of course he wasn't too sure what was going on, but that only means more zoo trips to come! yay!