7 months.

this little guy turned 7 months last week. can we stop time really quick? no? ok :(

weight: 18lbs 12 oz (about 2 weeks ago)
height: not sure
-eats solids. has had carrot, sweet potato, squash, potato, chicken, apples, pears, bananas, peaches, mango.

At 7 months he:
-wears clothes from 12-18 depending on the brand. for the most part he's on18 month size though.
-sleeps at around 8pm and wakes up once to eat in the middle of the night. then again at around 6:30 or 7.
-loves to play peek-a-boo
-grabs everything
-loves the iphones (ooops!)
-still LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse 

this little guy keeps getting cuter every minute...love.


brittany said...

oooh somehow they all discover that they love the iphone!! what's a mom to do ;) he is precious!

Nancy Andrade said...

brittany, thanks so much lady. maddalena is beautiful! i love keeping up with you ladies! and oh my, they really do love the iphones don't they? guess they get it from their mamas hehe.