a picture speaks louder than words...

i have been playing around with new tools on my pictures. my lovely camera takes amazing pictures but i always feel like it can do more (yes, i'm quite a perfectionist). i decided to work my magic on some recent pictures. i know these are repeated pictures but you may compare them to the raw images i posted on my original outfit posts and see the difference. i will make up my lack of outfit posts as soon as tomorrow...pinky swear! hee! ok enjoy, and let me know what you think!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

old western


playing catch up...

hello dolls! i hope you all had a great christmas! i have major catch up to do with you all since i have really been feeling under the weather and to top it off i have been SUPER busy at work zzzzzzzzz....

but enough of that let's get on to the catch up game. i haven't been able to snap outfit images because...well to be honest i haven't been inspired while being sick and sniffly...instead i am updating you with images from  my offices' holiday party!! i had loads of fun (although i think i had a little too much to drink hehe)



christmas was all about family for me as it is every year. we had a yummy traditional mexican dinner - pozole, tamales, ponche, pina coladas, etc etc. and we all gathered around the christmas tree to open presents. santa showed up with a huge bag full of gifts for me!!! i got everything i wanted plus more...but that will all be a different post... :) all i will say now is that this friday i will be sitting at the staples center floor watching my lakers take on the sacramento kings!!!! i still cannot believe it!







happy new year to you all! xoxo

dear santa...

...this christmas i am being nice and only asking for items with a cheap price tag (i know you are in a recession too! hehe)

here we go...

silk woven pants - $29 (F21)

puffed shoulder rose top - $15 (F21)

flower print knit leggings - $8 (F21)

military style boot - $32 (F21)

faceted bead shoulder top - $19 (F21)

antique gold camera ring - $5 (etsy)

well that's it for now santa, but i will be adding to this for sure as xmas gets closer...


it could all be so simple...





hello dolls!!! i apologize for the poor editing and crappy photos but it is all my little humble self could provide at this time. i'm back after being gone for over a week. work has been (and will continue to be) super hectic. we had out italian team in the office for a full week and needless to say i was running around like a beheaded chicken! eeeekkkkk...

i hope you guys all had a great weekend. mine was pretty short. i had to work saturday so i didn't do much other than xmas shopping....the weather has been crazy too so not much motivation to be out since it's pouring...this calls for some lauryn hill, jill scott, and maxwell on the playlist...hence the title today.

that's all for now. outfit post coming tonight! eeeeee!!!

glisters and blisters give-away!!!

hey lovies, just a quick post to remind you that you all MUST enter the GLISTERS & BLISTERS GIVEAWAY!!!

up for grabs is an amazing inVESTment piece by the wonderful Michelle of Glisters & Blisters!!!





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what's in my bag?

whats in the bag

ok i know i've been procrastinating with my "what's in the bag" post, so here it is!

1. The Bag! - this is a Guess satchel from the Heartbreaker collection, basic yet very chic! I love the stud detailing!
2. Make-up bag - cute little patent frame pouch with an adorable bow detail.
3. Calendar - every girl needs to be organized. Plus I love stationary, and cute pens.
4. My Blackberry - can't live without it.
5. Pens
6. Car Keys, gym card, house keys, garage clicker, etc.
7. Wallet - Guess wallet from the Illusion collection.
8. Portable phone charger - YES that's how much I need my blackberry! lol
9. Hall's cough drops :(
10. H&M sunnies - yes, it's sunny in December in California.
11. Minnie portable flip brush - as you guys know I am a big Disney fan.
12. Pink Motorola Bluetooth - got it when the "no cell phone while driving" law passed in California. ugh.
13. Card Reader.

So there you have it lovies. Nothing too interesting here but at least now you know what I carry on a daily basis. I will do a "what's in the make-up bag" very very soon, which in my opinion will be more interesting hehe.