what's in my bag?

whats in the bag

ok i know i've been procrastinating with my "what's in the bag" post, so here it is!

1. The Bag! - this is a Guess satchel from the Heartbreaker collection, basic yet very chic! I love the stud detailing!
2. Make-up bag - cute little patent frame pouch with an adorable bow detail.
3. Calendar - every girl needs to be organized. Plus I love stationary, and cute pens.
4. My Blackberry - can't live without it.
5. Pens
6. Car Keys, gym card, house keys, garage clicker, etc.
7. Wallet - Guess wallet from the Illusion collection.
8. Portable phone charger - YES that's how much I need my blackberry! lol
9. Hall's cough drops :(
10. H&M sunnies - yes, it's sunny in December in California.
11. Minnie portable flip brush - as you guys know I am a big Disney fan.
12. Pink Motorola Bluetooth - got it when the "no cell phone while driving" law passed in California. ugh.
13. Card Reader.

So there you have it lovies. Nothing too interesting here but at least now you know what I carry on a daily basis. I will do a "what's in the make-up bag" very very soon, which in my opinion will be more interesting hehe.



Valencia Lia said...

Always really loving to see what is in a person's bag and I LOVE yours !

That bag and your waller is gorgeous !! I to bring along a comb where ever I go and my organizer is always with me as well <3

michelle_ said...

i love hacking into people's bag ! hahaha . and i do think the no cellphones during drviing rule is good . prevents people getting into silling accidents !

i cant live w/o my bb too !
we should exchange PINs :D

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xoxo . Glisters & Blisters)

Anonymous said...

Love your bag!! You carry around some great stuff too.


Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the BlackBerry. Without it, I'm a mess. How the hell did we ever function without one!?

I LOVE your outfits on your blog! I just came back from LA a few weeks ago. I LOVED it there. My god its so warm. so sunny. and fashion. oh FASHION!!!!


Marla Singer said...

love your bag! i see that you're a big fan of Guess =D