blast from the past.

some of you may know that back in my high school days i was quite the crafty gal...from making pillows, to film photography, to collage making....and jewelry making. yes! i used to make necklaces, beaded bracelets, and rings. the other day i thought of how boring i had work, gym, home, work, gym, home. that pretty much summed up my life =(.

...then it clicked, maybe i can get back to those good ol' hobbies. nikon d60 camera...check! ring and pillow making....check!

so without futher are my first items! they are simple but you guys will have to cut me some slack as i have been farrrr too deprived of any crafting...high school days were like 6 years ago you know! (yes, i'm old! =( )

so ladies and gents, please be sure to check out my etsy shop and get your shop on!!! =) you can also check it out on the side bar to the right! =)

Tiger Pearl Ring! - $4

Le Antique Ring! - $5

Victoria Ring! - $3

Mauve Heart Ring! - $5
(please visit my store to see more detailed images and descriptions!)


ok, ok. so i've neglected you lovies for like 2 days. sorry, hectic couple of days for me at work and then at little brother comes home from new orleans today and i am thrilled. he was away 2 weeks but to me it felt like 2 years...hehe.
anyway, i cannot wait to the weekend....i have some fun stuff coming your way VERY VERY soon! i am also looking forward to this vvvvvv....

until then....toodles!


silly ol' goose.

oh my lovelies! i am UBER-excited!!! why may u ask? well i just got my brand new camera!!! woot woot! that means more fun posts, more beautiful memories, more silly-ness! yay! as you can see, i couldn't wait to get my hands on chloe! (oh yeah, my camera's name is chloe! lol)

being a silly goose never hurt nobody! tuh! 



happy monday everyone!

i would like to thank my fellow blogger, Valencia Lia from rollupyoursleeve for giving me this award! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

it really means alot to me when i get feedback from my loyal readers, whether it's good or bad, i like constructive criticism! with that said, i have to write 10 random facts about me:
1. i only can sleep on the left side of my bed.
2. i bite my nails.
3. my left leg is slightly longer than my right.
4. i was the spelling bee champion in elementary from 3rd-5th grade. undefeated! hehe.
5. i have a belly piercing.
6. i dream of one day being an investigative journalist.
7. favorite color is pink.
8. i have a heart shaped beauty mark on my right leg. (guess it makes up for the leg shortness lol)
9. i was originally a business major, but switched to journalism!
10. i LOVE disneyland! (but you already knew that!)
ok so now i have to tag 10 bloggers, but because i am a cheater and am running on time, i will do 5 for now (hehe):
you lovely ladies have been tagged! enjoy! and once again thank you to Valencia of rollupyoursleeve for my award. DO CHECK OUT HER BLOG when you have time!

powerhouse...aahhh jay z <3.

hello lovelies! so i had a SUPER busy day yesterday at work because myboss and everyone else is back from New York so we basically played catch-up all day (exhausting) =(
on a better note, this past weekend was amazing! i went to powerhouse (for those of you who don't know, powerhouse is an annual concert that power 106 fm has, full of cool artists!). this year the headliner was JAY Z!!! i have always been a fan, since i was a little girl, so you can imagine how super excited i was...kid cudi, fm, the new boyz, pitbull, lil john, flo rida, sean paul, and others were also there...surprise guest?!??!?! black eyed peas!!!! two otehr surprises were that my lovely derek fisher and jordan farmar from the Lakers stopped by!!!! awesome stuff!!!
sure we had nosebleed seats because we literally bought the tickets the night before, but we had a blast!!! =( my favorite part was of course jay z and i LOVED how he had a tribute for michael jackson!!!! sooooo beautiful!
below are some of the few pictures i took, i was too busy enjoying the music and getting my groove on! the camera pretty much sucked.

stay tuned for a video post coming soon!


little flower dress.

hi lovers! wow! tomorrow is friday!!!! is it just me or did this week just fly by? i like it! =)

today is a quiet day at work since everyone is still at NY for market... i have tons of blurbs to write and stuff to get done though! blah.


blue rose.c'est la vie.

hello lovers! as i told you peeps a few weeks ago, my friend "Blue Rose" is doing big thangs and we must show our support. not only did his new hit "drunk text" drop but he is now modeling for c'est la vie in their online magazine "the quick fix mag". Simply click on the link and click on the latest issue! this magazine has tons of hot, music, etc! check it!
Mr. Blue Rose

did i mention they also have the cutest ashley page bathing suits on their mag? and the fabulous christian louboutin shoes?!??!?! this magazine is a MUST READ!!! =)
pc: thisislavie