blast from the past.

some of you may know that back in my high school days i was quite the crafty gal...from making pillows, to film photography, to collage making....and jewelry making. yes! i used to make necklaces, beaded bracelets, and rings. the other day i thought of how boring i had work, gym, home, work, gym, home. that pretty much summed up my life =(.

...then it clicked, maybe i can get back to those good ol' hobbies. nikon d60 camera...check! ring and pillow making....check!

so without futher are my first items! they are simple but you guys will have to cut me some slack as i have been farrrr too deprived of any crafting...high school days were like 6 years ago you know! (yes, i'm old! =( )

so ladies and gents, please be sure to check out my etsy shop and get your shop on!!! =) you can also check it out on the side bar to the right! =)

Tiger Pearl Ring! - $4

Le Antique Ring! - $5

Victoria Ring! - $3

Mauve Heart Ring! - $5
(please visit my store to see more detailed images and descriptions!)


Miss Pico Union said...

cute, my mom makes rings like this too...
the weather in L.A has been to overwhelming... I can't wait till fall..

Sooo L.A. said...

hi miss pico union! really? you have a cool mom then! hehe.

yes the weather is terrible. i live very close to the where the fires are so you can imagine my pain =(

hopefully fall is here before we know iti!