Nicky G: Hustlin' for Success!

Follow your dreams. Chase them! Tomorrow is absolutely not guaranteed. You will probably hear "no", but make that your motivation. You'll see doors close - knock on the next.... Be persistent and understand that there is no progress without struggle. When you get to where you want to be - you'll see what I mean. Victory tastes so much sweeter.

-Nicky G.

A sister, a daughter, a friend, and a strong young woman, a ROLE MODEL. At a short 21 years of age, Nicole Garcia, aka Nicky G, has already earned her spot in the radio industry and proven that dreams do come true. Straight out of Arcadia, California, this Colombian/Nicaraguan beauty has come a long way, from dreaming of being in the radio to making that dream a reality and going beyond. With that said, it is only right that we at S000 L.A. do it right and peep what she’s all about!

We caught up with her and this is what went down…

sooo L.A.: When you were young did you see yourself working in the radio? What did you want to do "when you grew up"?

Nicky G: When I was young I had NO IDEA I was going to be in radio...I always thought it was cool, but didn't think I'd have it in me! I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician, but changed my mind when I got to college.

sooo L.A.: What are your origins in the "Industry"? Where did U begin?

Nicky G: I first got a REAL feel for radio when I "knew someone who knew someone" at Power106 (an overnight board op). He invited me to the station to watch him run the boards. About 6 months later Power 106's sister station, Movin 93.9, was hiring for street team members. I applied, auditioned and the rest is history :)

sooo L.A.: Why or what drew you into the "Industry"?

Nicky G: I really couldn't tell you what drew me into the industry - it's just a passion and fire that sparked when I first took a radio operations class in college. As cheesy as this may sound, as soon as I stepped foot in that class and saw all the equipment (sound boards, microphones, and big machines that I had no idea what their purpose was haha!) I just fell in love...and have felt the same ever since.

sooo L.A.: What separates You from other people who do what you do? What makes you unique?

Nicky G: I'm ME. I don't try being anyone or anybody else. I definitely look up to other women in the game, but I could never try being someone I'm not.

sooo L.A.: What is your Muse, or Motivation? Who is your role model, both non-industry and in the industry?

Nicky G: I look up to anyone in the industry who has made it and defied all odds. That's what motivates me. Wanting to be a better me, the best ME I can possibly be. I look up to all the older women in my family who never had the opportunities that I have today. I look up to the next and younger generation, keeping them in mind when I hustle. I want them to know that dreams DO come true.

sooo L.A.: What is your Ultimate Goal in the "Industry" and for yourself?

Nicky G: I just want to be happy and successful - where ever God decides to take me. About 4 years ago (when I started my radio career) I said I wanted to do everything! Promotions, Production, on-air and behind the scenes. 4years later: I've done all those things!...but I don't want to stop! I want to dip my foot in television and keep the radio ball moving.

sooo L.A.: Who have you worked with and who do you see your self working? Who would you want to work with in the future?

Nicky G: I've been blessed to have been able to work with great people! Rick Dees - radio legend, Big Boy and the Neighborhood - known "nation wide - coast to coast", DJ Felli Fell - who gave me my "Nicky G" name and is also signed with Island Def Jam Records, Mando Fresko - who's Saturday Night show I produce and one of the front faces of Orisue clothing and LA DJ, Jimmy Steal - Power 106 Program Director, the list goes ON!! Oh, as well as all my family at 97.7 KRCK in Palm Springs where I was given my first on-air show :)...the list goes on...ANYONE I've met along my journey has been a blessing to me.

sooo L.A.: What is an average day like in the "office" with you?

Nicky G: My days are anything but average, one day I could be waking up at the crack of dawn and running around LA and Burbank working and getting things done or it can be a "wake up at 11am" and stay in my pajamas all day kinda thing :)

sooo L.A.: I know you have actually been sitting in for Liz Hernandez in Big Boy's Neighborhood these last couple of days, what is that like for you? What does that mean?

Nicky G: I definitely look up to Liz, her success story is amazing and she's worked so hard for her spot in LA! She's a prime example that dreams definitely come true.

* you can listen to Nicky here!!!

sooo L.A.: 3 things you take everywhere with you?

Nicky G: (3) things I take everywhere with me: my crackberry, chapstick, and my water. I like to stay hydrated :)

sooo L.A.: What's on your ipod? And what are you currently loving?

Nicky G: I have the craziest ipod music! Hiphop, r&b, pop, latin music, jazz, blues, underground, local, mainstream. I am absolutely LOVING the recent "leaked" songs from Jayz's Blueprint 3. Ugh, I can't remember what they're titled...but I cannot wait until his album drops in September!

sooo L.A.: What type of fashion are you into or what attracts you?

Nicky G: I'm a simple kinda girl. Jeans, a tee and chucks are fine by me. Don't get me wrong, I got my fly dresses and heels when I'm feeling sexy, though.

sooo L.A.: Who are your favorite entertainers?

Nicky G: Kanye West and Jayz are the best PERFORMERS I've ever seen live. There's something about live instruments at a show that make all the difference. They really take time to perfect their craft.

sooo L.A.: What does the phrase "sooo L.A." represent to you?

Nicky G: Sooo L.A is so different from anywhere else on this planet. Ain't nothing like LA!! Unique, fly and fun.

sooo L.A.: What are your words to live by?

Nicky G: "Your priorities determine your progress" and "Family first - God above all"

Nicky continues to work her way up. Although she has come a long way and accomplished so much, her success doesn’t stop here. It only goes upwards from here! Mad props to my girl Nicky!!!

*shout out to Mr. Blue Rose who coordinated the interview.

A big thank you to you both!!!!


Valencia Lia said...

Amazing interview ! Enjoyed reading it <3

Thanks for sharing !

Sooo L.A. said...


Thank you for your comment and for reading! I am glad you liked it! It's always refreshing to see amazing young women do their thing and be good at it!