Sweet Little Randoms...

Baby B's Crib...Baby B's Dino bedding set... Baby Shower CakeMolly & I GiftsMore gifts... ...and more...baby clothes to wash... Let the laundry begin...

1. Baby B's Crib - still a work in progress...
2. Baby B's Dino Bedding Set - by Heidi Klum ♥
3. Baby Shower Cake - from Portos. Yummm!
4. Molly & I at my baby shower...so much fun!
5-8. Baby Shower gifts - we got everything we wanted/needed and much much more...even doubles!!! We are blessed ♥
9. Getting ready to do baby laundry before  his big arrival...meep. I am soooo excited!!! ♥

I didn't get to take many baby shower pictures. I have a few but haven't had time to upload them. I will share them asap. I am a little bummed because I wanted to take pics of the decor and everything but I was too busy having fun and indulging that I totally forgot...oh well...


Bump Update...

34 weeks 1 day
33 weeks, 5 days.
32 weeks
 32 weeks.
30 weeks, 2 days.
 30 weeks
 30 weeks.
28 weeks
28 weeks.
27 weeks 3 days
27 weeks, 3 days.

Hi guys! Since I haven't been updating regularly, I thought I'd give you guys a bump update :). Here are all my belly pics from the past few weeks up until today...

I am 34 weeks and 1 day today! I am officially 6 weeks from my due date!!! I am soooooo happy I cannot even contain my excitement ♥
On Wednesday teddy and I went to our weekly NST and ultrasound appointment. We had a big scare that day that really made me see how much this little guy already means to me. When they were doing the ultrasound and taking measurements, I noticed there was something off in the wave that measures the oxygen going to his little brain. I noticed it had a periodic under-dip that it never has. I didn’t say anything but the nurse came in about 5 minutes later and told me that the Dr. wanted to see me and re-do the test because it looked like the baby wasn’t receiving enough oxygen to his brain and that if that was the case they might have to send me to L&D and deliver me :( We waited for about 10 minutes for the Dr. to come in…it felt like an eternity! Luckily, the Dr. gave us good news. He said everything looked great. He said sometimes the baby kicks while they are running the test and it causes the test to come out this way. Phewww!!! I was sooo scared. I am glad we are ok and it was just a scare…

How Far Along: I am 34 weeks and 1 days.
Size of the baby: according to babycenter, he is almost 5 lbs!!!
Total Weight Gain: 35 lbs :(
Movement: we are convinced he will either be a kickboxer or soccer player. He gets pretty wild in there lol.
Sleep: Not really. My back aches and my stomach feels like it’s gonna burst.
Symptoms: heartburn. waaahhhhh.
Stretch Marks: teddy noticed 2 stretch marks in my lower tummy last week :(
Gender: It’s a boy!
Labor Signs: some contractions here and there but nothing too painful…yet.
Maternity Clothes: I only bought 2 pairs of shorts and like 3 tops.
Cravings: what don’t I eat!!! lol
Belly button in or out: semi-out.
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8 months!

How Far Along: I am officially 32 weeks!!! Which means only 8 weeks to go :)
Size of the baby: don’t know but according to babycenter he should be almost 4 lbs... :)
Total Weight Gain: 33 lbs as of yesterday :/
Movement: he gets pretty crazy in there these days...
Sleep: Not really. I have to get up 3-5 times to go pee :(
Symptoms: fatigue...lots of it.
Stretch Marks: nope :)
Gender: It’s a boy!
Labor Signs: not yet...
Cravings: sweets. Unfortunately I was told to stay away from sugars and starches as of yesterday because I am gaining weight too fast :/
Belly button in or out: It’s somewhat out but not really.

Yesterday I had my dr. appointment and everything looked good, but I am gaining weight very fast. The dr. said to stay away from sugars and starches - so no juices, breads, sweets, and even fruits!!! Bummer. Today I went in for my weekly NST and ultrasound. Little mini bear is looking super healthy :) he is a chubster!!! I love him sooooo much. He has his little arm tucked under his head. I can't wait for him to be here!!!

San Diego

Omg it's been sooooo long since I last updated. I feel like such a terrible blogger :(

Our trip to San Diego 2 weeks ago was just lovely. We started off by doing lunch early Friday in San Juan Capistrano as we made our way down. Friday night we walked downtown SD and came across some awesome finds (like that bug having a Corona and the Michael Jackson figurine). We then headed to Coronado Island for a beautiful walk. LOVE. We ended the night with a swim followed by dinner.

Saturday we had a quinceanera to go to and Sunday was spent with family.

Overall it was a great trip and I can't wait to go back <3