Squirmin' around...

(at the park this weekend with his grandma A and his little cousins, how cute is he in his dodger/mickey hat?)

oh boy. last night brandon woke up around 4 am and i found him flipped on his tummy in his crib again (this is the second time) lol. he is one funny little guy. i have to say though, i am proud of my little guy...he went to sleep at 7:30 pm last night and woke up around 11 pm just for one last snack before really calling it a night. then he woke up at 4 am because he had flipped onto his tummy but went back to sleep and didn't wake me up until it was time for me to get ready for work. he is finally starting to get into a more reasonable sleeping pattern at night, thankfully. then again, he is getting older. in exactly a week, my little guy will be 7 months...SEVENNNN!!! wow. this mama gets a little emotional every time another month passes by. soon, my little chubs will be walking all over the house, but for now he is a squirmy little fella. this morning while getting ready for work he was laying on my bed with daddy and he kept trying to roll onto his tummy. every time he finally did it, he would give me a super confused look but as soon as i made eye contact with him, he would let out those beautiful little giggles. it is so fun to see him explore the things he can do with his body. and the smiles and giggles every time he learns something new. i just love my little squirmy boy... xoxo

It's the littlest things...

 photo 494d7778-0804-452d-b964-b9322d90dd80.jpg
 photo b69a5ac8-cae5-47bc-975d-b6b8b9e361ca.jpg
 photo ee46bdb3-3af7-43dc-a574-8f273b6aab78.jpg

...that make me happy these days. Like waking up to the lovely sounds of my baby cooing and walking to his crib to find that he has flipped onto his tummy!!! What!? This is not the first time he flips over but it is the first time he flips over while sleeping in his crib. Who knows how long he had been on his tummy. While I have always been terrified of letting him sleep on his tummy, this made me so happy because I see my boy is growing beautifully.

This weekend Brandon took his first trip to the beach...it was lovely and he had tons of fun. His favorite part was watching the seagulls. Every time they flew or walked by he would kick his little chubby legs and let out the happiest squeals ever!!!

Happy Tuesday!


They grow so fast...

 photo baa1c1af-352b-4392-8709-4d74cedc6ef0.jpg
...they really do! Yesterday (at 6.5 months old) my little mister had his 6 month old check-up and shots...waaahhh! This time he cried a looootttt...needless to say I cried with him. I have yet to find the words that can properly describe the love I feel for my little guy. When he smiles, I smile. When he cries, I cry. When he hurts, I hurt. It is a bond that will never be broken. A bond that continues to grow day after day. 

This Monday was Danny and my anniversary. 2 years. Where has time gone? This time 2 years ago, we were living a fun, carefree life. Going on little beach adventures every weekend. This time last year we were celebrating our little guy cookin' in my tummy. I was going through a horrible case of morning sickness, but all in all I was the happiest girl ever. This year, we have the most amazing little guy to call our son. He is the happiest little boy. He smiles all day everyday. He loves Mickey Mouse. He loves dinosaurs. He loves books (see above). He loves to play. He is tickle-ish (like mommy). He loves music. He loves to dance. He is my happiness.

Currently he:
weighs: 17 lbs 14 oz
measures: 28 inches
head circumference: 18 inches.

Happy Friday everyone!

6 months...

it is still pretty amazing to me how incredibly fast the past 6 months have gone by. and somehow, at the same time, newborn life feels so far away now. to think that my little guy is now half a year old just blows my mind. stop.growing.so.fast. (or don't. but slow down a bit little mister). we have got to the halfway point of your first year of life so quick and i know the second half will go by just as fast, if not faster. 
while i look forward to all the coming milestones, i get a bit emotional at the thought of the newness of my baby going away right before my eyes. sometimes i wish he would just stay little a little longer so that i can be the protective mama bear i am, a little longer. just a little. you see, i always knew i wanted kids. lots of em'. i was made to be a mommy. i just knew it. but now that i have my little brandon, i am more certain even that this here, is my element. i LOVE being brandon's mommy. i love the bond we have created. i love nursing him. bathing him. playing with him. watching mickey mouse clubhouse with him hours on end. i love waking up in the middle of the night to his little noises and giggles. i love how big his eyes get when he sees me approach his crib. and that oh so precious smile he gives me in the dark. that intimate mommy and son time we have while he's nursing at 3, 4 in the morning. those are the things i will miss the most as he grows older. i love how he laughs and giggles when mommy is being silly. i love that he thinks i am funny. i love that he makes me feel a different kind of love...a love i never knew existed. i love that he loves me back. i love our love.
oh brandon. i don't know if there ever will be words that will do justice to the immense amount of love i have for you. you are my everything. happy six moths sweet boy. mama loves you!

weight: 17lbs 8oz (this was about a week ago)
height: not sure
-rolled from back to tummy!
-does baby sit-ups (the cutest)
-sits up semi-supported
-eating some solids. so far he has tried apples, bananas, bean soup, mango, and garbanzo. he has loved them all.

At 6 months he:
-wears clothes from 9-18 depending on the brand. for the most part he's on 12-18 month size though.
-sleeps at around 9pm and wakes up once to eat in the middle of the night. then again at around 6:30 or 7.
-has such a silly personality. laughs and giggles in his crib to wake us up.
-does this michael jackson-esque scream. hilarious!
-lifts his head to sit up from a laying down position.
-loves going out & car rides.
-loves to splish and splash in the bath.
-puts everything and anything in his mouth.
-still LOVES mickey mouse clubhouse

a day at the park, according to my instagram...

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Happy Tuesday and happy July!!!
This weekend was a very hot one, and to bring in the month of July, my mom, Brandon, and I went for a walk at the park. It was Brandon's first time at the park and boy did he love it! The expression on his little face when he saw the ducks and heard them quack was just so sweet. We will definitely be going back to the park often this summer.

More pictures shortly.