It's the littlest things...

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...that make me happy these days. Like waking up to the lovely sounds of my baby cooing and walking to his crib to find that he has flipped onto his tummy!!! What!? This is not the first time he flips over but it is the first time he flips over while sleeping in his crib. Who knows how long he had been on his tummy. While I have always been terrified of letting him sleep on his tummy, this made me so happy because I see my boy is growing beautifully.

This weekend Brandon took his first trip to the was lovely and he had tons of fun. His favorite part was watching the seagulls. Every time they flew or walked by he would kick his little chubby legs and let out the happiest squeals ever!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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brittany said...

awww the back to front flip!! they grow so fast! so so sweet.