They grow so fast...

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...they really do! Yesterday (at 6.5 months old) my little mister had his 6 month old check-up and shots...waaahhh! This time he cried a looootttt...needless to say I cried with him. I have yet to find the words that can properly describe the love I feel for my little guy. When he smiles, I smile. When he cries, I cry. When he hurts, I hurt. It is a bond that will never be broken. A bond that continues to grow day after day. 

This Monday was Danny and my anniversary. 2 years. Where has time gone? This time 2 years ago, we were living a fun, carefree life. Going on little beach adventures every weekend. This time last year we were celebrating our little guy cookin' in my tummy. I was going through a horrible case of morning sickness, but all in all I was the happiest girl ever. This year, we have the most amazing little guy to call our son. He is the happiest little boy. He smiles all day everyday. He loves Mickey Mouse. He loves dinosaurs. He loves books (see above). He loves to play. He is tickle-ish (like mommy). He loves music. He loves to dance. He is my happiness.

Currently he:
weighs: 17 lbs 14 oz
measures: 28 inches
head circumference: 18 inches.

Happy Friday everyone!

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