Life these days...(25 weeks)

25 week bump 
 25 week bump.Hair. Indy.Indy. Foodie.Foodie. Foodie.Foodie.

The past week has consisted of growing this lovely bump of mine. That's right. I am now 25 weeks!!!! Which means only 15 to go...time is sure flying by. More hair growing...230472340 snuggle sessions with little mister Indy ( i love that guy)...and eating like there is no tomorrow (i must admit, i am a fatty at heart).

So there you have it, our days have been pretty darn lovely over here...we are now in the process of planning a baby shower (well not me, Teddy's mom and sister Jackie are) - they are just the sweetest ever!!! I cannot wait to share pictures of that day with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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