and the bump keeps a' growin'...

Baby Bumpin'

Here I am bumpin' at 26 weeks. Yikes. This baby is growing oh so fast. But that makes me a happy girl because it means he will be here very very soon (not too soon though, I need him to fully bake before he comes out of the oven)

 Baby Bumpin'
Here we are at 25 weeks 3 days. Getting ready for a pizza dinner with teddy, teddy's parents, sister and sisters bf. It was a good night. Then again, when is it NOT a good night when you're eating pizza, right? :)

Our Room
 Teddy and his dad worked on giving our room a total face-lift to welcome baby B. (oh yes, we have a name for baby!!! buutttt we will not share it until baby is here. sorry guys! lol) The room is all painted and ready to go. All we have to do now is build our new bed, build the crib, and put everything back in order :) I am soooo excited!!!

Baby's Clothes
  Yesterday, I spent all morning de-tagging all of baby B's clothes that we have got him over the past weeks (there were literally mountains of clothes everywhere!!!). I decided to wash them now as we will be super busy these next couple of weeks. Baby B's wardrobe is super super cute and I have a feeling it will only get cuter...*sigh*

Other than that, we have been up to pretty much the same ol' stuff. Our lives are pretty much on an "all things baby" phase and we are loving every minute. We are also super excited for a few things coming up:

*prenatal classes (which started this week and teddy and I LOVE them)
*our San Diego trip later this month
*teddy's bday!!!
*baby shower in early November. meep.

Life is good. Happy Friday.

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