27 weeks of bump.

photo(5)26w4d. Crafting.Cozy morning. Hair.Rainy morning 
The past week has been very exhausting. Last weekend I didn't feel much movement from baby B. Naturally I was sooo nervous and worried. Monday morning I called my doctor. I was hoping she would tell me it was all normal and not to worry. Instead she told me to go to L&D and get it checked out. Luckily, baby looked fine on the monitor. His heartbeat was normal and everything was fine. I had two contractions in the hour I was there but I didn't feel them (weird). Tuesday and Wednesday I was back and forth from my doctors office to L&D to the specialist. I like that they all go the extra mile just to be on the safe side and make sure that baby B is ok, giving me some peace of mind. 

All that said, we have hit the 27 week mark guys! This means we will be a full 7 months next week, which is amazing news if you ask me. I cannot wait to meet my little guy. That will sure be the happiest day of my life. For now, here are the things that are making me smile:

1. My 27 week bump
2. Looking at the 26 week/4 day bump picture and seeing a tiny bit of growth this week
3. Being included in the arts & crafts for my baby shower (love love love)
4. Rainy cozy mornings in bed, staring at our newly built crib!!! (yes we finally built it and it's all ready for baby B!!!)
5. My long wavy brown hair (yay for prenatal vitamins!)
6. Early mornings after a storm. The sky just looks soooo lovely.

Happy weekend friends!

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devin olivia said...

Congrats on your pregnancy glad everythingis going ok
It truly is a blessing