and the winner is............

cowboy bill - 1st place!

chiquita banana - 2nd place!!!
jason and "it" girl - 3rd place!
hi loviesssss! so halloween is tomorrow and we need to all get pumped. today at work we had our annual halloween potluck and costume parade/contest....and guess who won first place for an awesome $350 prize?!?!?!? meeeeeeeee!!!! yes me! OMG i couldn't believe it! this year we were being judged on being original and creative so i put on my thinking hat and decided to ditch my typical disney princess and go for a midget cowboy! lol. as you can see it was well worth it. but not to worry peeps, tonight i will be a genie! i wanted to be princess jazmin from aladdin but ended up buying the material and making it last minute so i got purple material instead. i will be posting those pictures tomorrow for you to check out!

at work everyone got creative. there were soooo sooo many cool costumes that i honestly thought i didn't stand a chance. my fweeennndddd bekah was khloe kardashian (ms. odom!) i thought she did an amazing job. unfortunately she didn't win but i think she should've. in second place came my other co-worker and name twin nancy! she was a dancer or something like that as you can see above. in third came dora and valerie as jason and some other murderer from the movie "it". all in all everyone did a great job and we had so much the end "cowboy bill" came in victorious and he cannot wait to go shopping this weekend!!!

what are you guys all doing for halloween?

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