sniffle, sniffle. snap, snap.

we meet again. i feel like i always open up my posts with an apology for my absence...i NEED to do something about that asap.

anyway, without getting to personal, i think it's fair that i tell you why i've been pretty much m.i.a. for the past week. one word: sniffles. i have been feeling really under the weather for pretty much the past week. over the weekend, what started as the sniffles turned into a full blown fever and achy know, the kind where every movement you make means bones fact i stood home sick yesterday trying to re-gain some energy. no work. no nothing. wahhh.

on a brighter note, the bf and i went out for a lovely walk in downtown this sunday. the weather was amazinnnggggggg! crisp cool winds are soooo nice especially after the crazy heat waves we californians have been tortured with...blah. anyway, bf started snapping away in what turned out to be a fun photoshoot of yours truly. what can i say, he is learning from the best. next, i will teach him to develop film in the dark room. sooo relaxing. i LOVE it. =)
p.s. all images are unedited. edited version later. for full photoshoot see my facebook FRIENDS ONLY!!! bahaha.

tank: f21
plaid shirt: uo
denim cut-offs: old hollister jeans
boots: steve madden
sunnies: h&m
camera: vintage


Jasmin said...

Love the pics!! TOo cute! The oufit is fab as well!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

great plaid shirt! awesome photos too... gotta love the jumping action shots!

Clara said...

great great look.
i love your shirt.

kpeach said...

it just looks so lovely and warm there xx