thrifty little gal.

...who knew thrifting would be so much fun (and wallet friendly!!!). as i mentioned in my post a few days ago, i went thrifting and my oh my did i come across some super uh-MAZINGGG finds!!!! i found the best of the best, including an italian maroon blazer with a printed ruffle detail in the front, and although it might need slight alteration it is amazing and I cant wait to wear it when the weather cools down. i also found a some sheer tops, knitted vest, cutie patootie tees, a canvas vest?!?!? yes! a CANVAS vest with vintage victorian print in delicate pastel colors...i cannot wait to post different outfits with all these finds. oh and did i mention i found the most darling shoes?!??! i found these italian leather fringe slip-ons for....brace yourselves........$3.50!!!!! yes!!!! and it was my size!!!!!!!!!! this was CLEARLY a sign that these little beauties and i were destined to be...and inevitably i am beginning to develop an amazing relationship with them hehe.

so without futher ado, here is a glimpse of what's to come in future outfit posts...

and in case you are all wondering, i got all this for only $20. yes i know, amazing right???



Valencia Lia said...

Thrifting is the way to go !! Always fun and never know what you'll find.

I love those shoes,really beautiful !
And looking forward to more outfit posts girl :)

Yayyy,for new blog layout ! Loving it

Annie said...

sounds like you scored some amazing stuff! I love thrifting so much.