Just one of those denim days...








This last weekend before going back to work was mostly relaxation. I had been on vacation since last thursday friday and had tons of fun all week with my loved ones (see post below) but now it was time to regroup and get in total grind mode :).

Friday I woke up feeling a little under the weather so I stood in bed alll dayyyyy. Then at night we decided to head out to Lucky Strike @ LA Live with our friends and had tons of fun. Saturday we headed out to Glendale for a delicious breakfast @ Frida - SOOOO YUMMMM!!!! We then headed to the central library in downtown LA to grab some books that we have been wanting to get our hands on. We browsed the shelfs for quite a while and took some great pictures of the beautiful garden.

It was gorgeous out so we then went to grab some yogurtland. Later in the night we went to disneyland and just hung out and ate funnel cakes and got on a few rides at california adventure and disneyland. i had sooo much fun...



Today was a mellow day.  I had some quality time with my momma. We headed out to Santa Monica with our bikes in tow and rode bikes all the way to venice and ate chili cheese fries...(unfortunately I didn't bring my camera since it was dead so no pictures of that) 

Now it's time to get back on work mode and count down til next weekend hehe. How was your weekend?!?!??!?


jeans: h&m boyfriend jeans
t-shirt: h&m
jacket: h&m
shoes: aldo
necklace: f21
ring: shop at melrose
sunnies: h&m

family is where the = is...








Rob & VIcky

On our way down the mountains and home...




I am back dolls!!! Sooo sorry for being so MIA but sooo many things have been going on....First, my brother and his gf were in town for a week. I was soooooo excited to see them! I hadn't seen my brother in over 2 years and this was the first time we would meet his gf... we had sooo much fun!

First day here we walked all of Melrose and did some shopping! I was soooo upset when I came home and realized my memory card on my camera had been broken and the pictures weren't showing up =(. We also went to Santa Monica pier and did tons of fun stuff...but the fun was all at big bear!!! We all snow boarded and played with the snow all day!!!

My brother is now back in New Orleans and I am missing them oh so much...I cannot wait until they come back so we can party it up again!!!


life's a beach...=

...oh what a weekend... this weekend we hit up malibu for some beach fun. yes, it was freeezzzinnnngggg but oh was it nicee. we got to see dolphins and admire the waves crashing on a cliff...

sz 7


sz 2

sz 6

sz 10

sz 13

sz 8

in other news, we went for some retail theraphy on friday night after a long work week and i bought me the cutest little things...but by far this adorable little romper was my favorite....the fit is amazing and beautiful....i am now waiting anxiously for the proper weather so i can wear it out...i bought other stuff too (denim bf shirt, skirts, and a jacket) but i will show you those later...soon i promise...

sz 4
i can hardly believe it's already february...yikes, time is flying by. anyway, i hope you all have a great week!