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Casual Outings...

My heart is on the pavement
Guess shorts - H&M top - Forever 21 blazer - Bakers boots - Forever 21 handbag - H&M sunnies - Random Jewelry
photos by: Abel Ramos (little brother)

When I'm out doing photography my main thing is to be comfortable. If I am to be climbing on things or getting down low on the ground for certain effects on my photos I want to make sure I am very comfortable. This outfit was perfect for yesterdays photo project. I was set out to take a set of photos that depicted motion in different ways using my old pentax film camera (yes, I do film photography as well!). 

I opted for my super comfy denim cut-offs with a light silky blouse and a super lightweight blazer because let's be one wants to sacrifice fashion to be comfortable! :) Last but not least, comfy shoes are a MUST!!! These flat boots are soooooo comfortable!!!

I hope you all are having a happy Wednesday!!!



devorelebeaumonstre. said...

lovee your boots! x

Ashley Rae said...

I looooove Pasadena and am so glad you love it too! Maybe I'll run into you sometime. I get my facials at a salon off DeLacey and shop Old Town a lot. I love the H&M there. It's better than the one at the mall. You're the second person this week that I met who just moved to Pasadena.


AlbeeLucky said...

You have such killer style. I just love your blog, now following. Would like for you to check out my blog- when you can :)

jezmacmania said...

i love your outfit!! i'm a new follower! i looked through all your older posts! you have amazing style!!

GretchTM said...

I love your look. That white blazer is gorgeous! I'm a photographer photographer more specifically. What camera do you shoot with?

Ashley Rae said...

Hi again, Nancy doll.
Thanks for the comment. I went to the Rose Bowl flea market last month and wanted to go this month as well but something came up. If my sched permits, I'll be going in May. :)