"I like your shirt. You look like Mickey Mouse!"


Mufasa Hair <3


Polka Dots.

shorts, top, shoes - f21 (yes, i've been super obsessed with their stuff lately), sunnies - h&m, ring - marc jacobs

Funny story about this blouse: I wore it a while back for a casual night out with my bff and some random guy at the lounge taps my arm and says "I love your shirt! You look like Mickey Mouse!" bahaha...I thought it was hilarious because 1.) the guy was super drunk 2.) I'm sure he meant Minnie Mouse and 3.) the guy thought he had scored major points with me lol...(he kept following me around) weirdo!

Anyway, I am big on polka dots (obvi) so when I saw this pretty chiffon blouse at forever 21 I was completely smitten. I love how flowy it is, the color, and the back...oh the back!!! Too bad it doesn't show in the pictures above but it is a super cute low-dip back...LOVES IT!!!

So yes, I may look like Minnie Mouse in this outfit but who cares I am in love with this blouse so be prepared to see it back on here soon!!! <3


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