Sunkissed <3

Sunkissed <3

Walking to the rythm of the sun...

Wind in my skirt...eeekkk!

All the little flowers <3

All the little flowers...

Foot Candy <3
dress - forever 21, shoes - candies, sunnies - h&m, jewelry - forever 21, h&m, and vintage shops

I was never really the type of girl you would catch wearing a dress on a regular day...but these days I am all about a fun, flowy, bright dress. Today I went with this light chiffon floral dress since it was such a hot day in LA. I think the dress brought good vibes and luck because today I got some super exciting is still in the works but I am soooo super excited for things to come. I promise to share with you all as soon as everything is confirmed...

Also, did you guys notice my ombre hair??!? It is still in the works but I think after my next visit to the salon it will be where I want it to be...

I hope you all are having a great week.


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