Here is a quick summary of life lately...according to my iphone...

peachy glitter   polka dot

outfit of the day   outfit details

me   smiles

in n out   food.

my ring <3   abel <3

love.   jordans

shoot   smiles.

king taco   mexican food

cheesecake factory   roscoes

birthday tart   nail polish & figurines <3

art   art

fashion   fashion

1-2: peachy glitter nails & tangy polka dot nails <3
3-4: outfit details for a day of shopping
5-6: all smiles because I am a happy girl these days <3
7: In n Out always makes me happy
8: Top's Burger meal. If you don't know, now you know!!!
9: I am completely obsessed with this Sally & Jack ring from Teddy <3
10: Lunch date with my not so little, little brother
11: Birthday kissies <3
12: Wearing my Jordan 3's...because I'm cool like that
13: Photoshoot outside our casita :)
14: Smile.
15: King Taco reflection in Old Town Pasadena
16: Mom's Mexican dinners are the best...drool.
17: Cheesecake Factory -  Lemon Herb Chicken
18: Roscoes Chicken & Waffles date with Teddy
19: Birthday tart
20: Something about my nail polishes next to his childhood figurines just melts my heart every time...
21-22: Getting my nerd on...Oh how I love art school <3
23 - 24: Some of my fave outfits for the spring..."free people"
25: Whats in my make-up bag??? :)


p.s. i totally just realized I eat way too much for my own good...eeeekkkk.
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