Brandon's Baptism

 photo DSC_1174.jpg
Getting ready for his big day...

Mommy and Brandon photo DSC_0002.jpg
about to get baptized
 photo DSC_0005.jpg
 photo DSC_0140.jpg

Grandma Olga & Grandpa Dan

 photo DSC_0020.jpg

Grandma Angie

 photo DSC_0075.jpg
Daddy and Brandon

 photo e3a66281-450a-40e8-a1b5-ff00fb2fc2e5.jpg
My little cutie <3 p="">

 photo f8ea12a5-d344-46aa-89c9-6415e32974e1.jpg
Momma's boy <3 p="">

 photo DSC_0085.jpg
kissie bear

 photo DSC_0089.jpg
The De Liras'
 photo DSC_0106.jpg
The Gomez'

 photo 0a1a6465-d5d7-4041-bf9d-06bcd651aa71.jpg
Nino Chuy and Nina Jackie

We baptized little Brandon last month, on May 26th, 2013. We decided to keep is small with just close family. After the ceremony we headed to dinner and then a small reception at home where we took all these pictures in our backyard. What a wonderful day it was.

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