Baby foods and books...

Now that Brandon is 5 months, we are starting to let him taste foods here and there. So far he has tried apples, banana, mango, squash, and garbanzos. Because he is still 5 months however, he only has a taste and that's it (we don't want to mess up his stomach). We have decided that we will wait until he hits the 6 month mark so he can start eating more. For now he is strictly on mommy's milk and baby rice cereal once a day. 

While we wait for him to turn 6 months, I decided to research a little bit. I found 2 great books on healthy eating, full with recipes. The first one is by Annabel Karmel. Her book focuses on healthy eating habits from birth to toddler-hood. I love how she outlines every topic and goes into detail. It really has helped me make more smart (and healthy) decisions when feeding Brandon. Unfortunately the book is not on her website anymore. The second one is Bebe Gourmet, by Jenny Carenco. This book is a must-have!!! Complete with 100 french inspired healthy recipes, this book is sure to help you develop an adventurous eater. What I absolutely love about this book is that it has so many illustrations and easy to follow step by step recipes, not to mention the yumminess that your baby (and you) will enjoy. So far I like what I am reading. There is one more book I want to get, Super Nutrition for Babies. I have read so many good reviews on that one and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. One thing is for sure, we have decided that Brandon will be on strictly all organic fruits and veggies. 

Lastly, I am dying to get my hands on this beaba babycook!! I love love love the fact that it's a steamer and blender all in one. So far I love all the reviews I've been reading so I think we are on board.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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