afternoon walks and a teething baby...

it is official. we have a teething baby in our hands. my little bran bran is growing up beautifully and what i admire the most is that he is such a happy baby, even with the pains that come with teething. he has been taking it like a champ. a few weeks ago i noticed the two tiny white lines under his bottom gummies. i couldn't believe it! two weeks later, he has his two bottom teeth completely cut through. sure, he was fussy the first couple days (but what baby isn't right?), but after that he has been back to his normal, happy self (extra drool, and extra hand eating though...ha!) needless to say, i am one happy mama. in other news, it has been extremely hot over here the past couple weeks. i'm talking desert hot! yesterday it reached over 100 degrees! yikes. teddy, bran bran, and I have been doing some late afternoon walks once the sun starts to set and it has been lovely. pretty skies, and my two boys, life couldn't be better...and oh, oh, oh, my bran bran turns 8 monthies tomorrow? can.time.slow.down?!?!?!? meep. happy thursday! xoxo

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