8 months for Bran-Bran!

Happy 8 Months Baby Boy! photo DSC_0608.jpg
Little Cutie photo DSC_0612.jpg
With mommy photo DSC_0623.jpg
Mommy's little boy! photo DSC_0630.jpg
snuggles... photo DSC_0633.jpg
 photo DSC_0638.jpg
 photo DSC_0639copy.jpg
So serious... photo DSC_0642.jpg
 photo DSC_0645copy.jpg
Ooopsies photo DSC_0647copy.jpg
Brandon Gomez photo DSC_0657copy.jpg

ok so i am a little late. brandon is now 8 months and a week, not 8 months. but still. when life gets in the way, you take cute pictures whenever you find the time. yesterday danny and i joined brandon in a little birthday balloon photo fun. i cannot believe our little guy is 8 months (plus a week). it's been a fun 8 months and things are only getting fun-er with everyday that passes. the little things he does, the milestones that he meets, and the super warn snuggles he gives. there are just so many things this little guy has to offer that make my life oh so beautiful. with that said, happy 8 months my beautiful little boy!

weight: unknown. he has an appointment soon so we will know (bu he is a heavy boy!)
height: not sure
-stands supported
-has started teething
-rolls around from tummy to back and back to tummy
-tries to crawl

At 8 months he:
-wears clothes from 12-18 depending on the brand. for the most part he's on 18 month size though (and recently some 24 month) yikes.
-sleeps at around 7:30 pm and wakes up once to eat in the middle of the night. then again at around 5 am.
-loves to play peek-a-boo
-grabs everything
-loves the iphones (ooops!)
-has two bottom teethies
-walks like crazy on his walker
-has a favority Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode
-loves water
-has become the biggest mommas boy ever
-can spot me in a room and gives me his little hands to pick him up
-is the most gorgeous little boy alive!!! 

Happy Monday!!! xoxo

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