it feels good to be back. i know i keep saying that i will be better about blogging on here and then randomly disappear again. oh, the life of a new mommy...

on that note, today is a very special day. today my little Bran turns one. ONE. serioSurly guys, w h e r e. d i d. t h e. t i m e. g o.?!?!? exactly one year ago today i gave birth to the little guys that would steal my heart. not only would he steal my heart (and the hearts of all our family) but he would teach me the meaning of true and pure unconditional love. it was exactly a year ago that i honestly understood my purpose in life. all of a sudden it all made sense. one year ago i was overwhelmed with a combination of emotions. love, comfort, pride, but most of all that feeling of wanting to love and protect that new little being with my whole soul. i am sooooo infinitely grateful to God for giving me the biggest gift of all...

my dearest little brandon, i hope you have an amazing birthday my little champ. thank you for coming into my life. thank you for giving me new hope and shining a light into my life that i never knew existed. thank you for showing me what true and pure love is. thank you for laughing at all of mommy's silly little faces. thank you for trusting me and for making my every single day worth living. i love the way you look at me every morning when we wake up side by side. i love how you tuck your little head into my neck when i hold you. i love how you laugh uncontrollably when mommy makes little kitty noises just to see that perfect smile. i love those gorgeous little dimples on your cheeks and those beautifully gapped baby teethies. and those curls...oh those curls...i just love everything about you. thank you for loving me unconditionally. thank your for being YOU.

today you turn one. you are growing beautifully into a handsome little boy...but you will always be my baby. 


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Jasmin said...

Awe!! Glad you're back.. It's always hard to keep up with the blog life. I tend to go back too, and see what I've been missing. HAHA. Happy birthday to your son Brandon!