For the love of dots...

Walk the line...

Strike a pose...

Polka Dots...HEAVEN!


Hair <3
top - gap, shorts - lauren conrad, shoes - aldo, sunnies - hm

I don't think I will EVER get tired of polka dots. They are just soooo girly, classy, and adorable. This is an outfit I wore last week to a special of project I was invited to be a part of. Although I can't really tell you guys what it is, I can tell you that it is with Forever 21 and it was soooo much fun. I can't wait to share it with you all!

I had the most amazing weekend. Went to the beach, danced, and just had the most amazing time. I hope you all had a great weekend too!


"I like your shirt. You look like Mickey Mouse!"


Mufasa Hair <3


Polka Dots.

shorts, top, shoes - f21 (yes, i've been super obsessed with their stuff lately), sunnies - h&m, ring - marc jacobs

Funny story about this blouse: I wore it a while back for a casual night out with my bff and some random guy at the lounge taps my arm and says "I love your shirt! You look like Mickey Mouse!" bahaha...I thought it was hilarious because 1.) the guy was super drunk 2.) I'm sure he meant Minnie Mouse and 3.) the guy thought he had scored major points with me lol...(he kept following me around) weirdo!

Anyway, I am big on polka dots (obvi) so when I saw this pretty chiffon blouse at forever 21 I was completely smitten. I love how flowy it is, the color, and the back...oh the back!!! Too bad it doesn't show in the pictures above but it is a super cute low-dip back...LOVES IT!!!

So yes, I may look like Minnie Mouse in this outfit but who cares I am in love with this blouse so be prepared to see it back on here soon!!! <3


Electric Glam...



We are all dreamers.

Walk the line...



shorts - f21, top - cotton on, shoes - f21, bag - f21, jewelry - random, sunnies - h&m

I was brave enough to bust out these super glam sequin shorts this weekend as I went on an adventure in  downtown L.A. Who said sequins were made for night only?!?!? A girl has to be super glam day n' night right?!?!? :)

I have had this top for a while but only wore it once. I am super in love with the back detail AND i love the fact that it kept me fresh on this warm warm weekend...

I hope you all had a good weekend!


p.s. I am super excited for a project I am working on....I should be sleeping right now as I have an early call time tomorrow morning but I had to share with you all...stay tuned for more deets soon! :)

Totally diggin' it...

 To the max...Short stuff...The sheer thang...Easy chic.
Hipster girl <3Gossip girl <3The school girl.
These days I am very much into comfort. These looks above are sooo perfect because they are easy but don't sacrifice your style. I am especially loving the bright color pops and the short skirts, shorts, dresses. Something about the way they accentuate long legs gets me everytime...aaannnndddd these looks are sooo wallet friendly. Another reason to love Forever 21!

What are you all diggin' these days?


Lace-ing around...

Lace is my best friend <3



Pretty details.

Lace = Love.
dress - f21, shoes - candies, necklace/bangle - f21, sunnies - h&m

I have seriously had this dress for so long but totally forgot about when I was organizing my closet I came across it and knew I just had to wear it. The lace is just toooo pretty and the dress is sooo light so it was perfect for my day shopping with my mama.

I hope you all had a super fabulous weekend. I DID! <3



Sunkissed <3

Sunkissed <3

Walking to the rythm of the sun...

Wind in my skirt...eeekkk!

All the little flowers <3

All the little flowers...

Foot Candy <3
dress - forever 21, shoes - candies, sunnies - h&m, jewelry - forever 21, h&m, and vintage shops

I was never really the type of girl you would catch wearing a dress on a regular day...but these days I am all about a fun, flowy, bright dress. Today I went with this light chiffon floral dress since it was such a hot day in LA. I think the dress brought good vibes and luck because today I got some super exciting is still in the works but I am soooo super excited for things to come. I promise to share with you all as soon as everything is confirmed...

Also, did you guys notice my ombre hair??!? It is still in the works but I think after my next visit to the salon it will be where I want it to be...

I hope you all are having a great week.


Crushin' real hard...

Easy Riding...

Heaven <3

I was just doing some research for work and came across these images that just make me want to run out of the office and go do some serious visa damage...something about those lived in boots and the sheer top...I'm in heaven! The bike adds the 'bad girl' edge that we all lust for...
Dream catchers have always been a favorite of mine. They remind me of when I was little. The horns are such a cool way to keep my jewelry. I have been hunting some down at flea markets but still no luck...Finally, these beautiful new Litas! Why Jeffrey Campbell?!?!?! Why must you do this to me?!?!? *sigh*